Sfera Ebbasta

Sfera Ebbasta beyond prejudices: king of trap at his live shows. The ladder

The trapper started the tour of Italy with the tour in the palaces. Yesterday the sold out date in Rome

He is an artist that not everyone understands, but who has unquestionably earned the moniker “Trap King,” the king of trap. After two years of delays, Sfera Ebbasta finally embarks on his “Famous” tour of the palaces throughout Italy. He does this live.

A true karaoke with every song was created by the lads and girls who attended yesterday’s sold-out event at Rome’s Palazzo dello Sport. Sfera is like that; you either love it or you detest it. Rapper Gionata Boschetti describes the energy of his crowd as being virtually “wireless” recharging. The 29-year-old new father has studied a stage that resembles a “ring” and where audience members literally around his performance precisely for this purpose.


Sfera performs all of his best hits one after the other on an atmospheric stage, including songs like “Rich forever,” “Happy Birthday,” “Tran Tran,” “Cupid,” “Mamma mia,” “Italian,” “Beak visor,” and “Ciny.” The collaborations “You make me crazy,” “Calipso,” “New Range,” and others are also included. And the tracks from the album “Famoso,” which gives the concerts their name, including “Bottiglie Privè,” “Baby,” and “Abracadabra.”

Sfera entertains and entertains: traps and enjoys the choirs when the pre-recorded track plays in the background. The result is an enjoyable show to watch!

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